Agrosistema is known in the market for its personalized services and quality equipment.

Get to know our main activities:

Beverage Industry

We are present in the production of all kinds of beverages, being market leaders in the beer filling in Portugal.

We are specialists in equipment for filling, washing, pasteurization, labeling, packaging and consumables, among others.

Our customers can count on local technical assistance and 24h service.

Our representations:
Ardagh  //  Bohrer  //  KHS

Pharmaceutical Industry

Our wide range of representations and long experience in the industry complement each other, thus enabling us to offer the best technology for the most diverse applications.

Our representations:
L.B.Bohle  //  Dividella  //  Groninger  //  Korsch //  Mediseal   //  Seidenader  //  Werum

Medical Cannabis Industry

We present solutions from the seed to the isolate.

We have several projects implemented in the area of drying, oil extraction, distillation, packaging, among others.

We provide state of the art pharmaceutical solutions in a GMP and GACP environment.

Our representation:

Food Industry

We have decades of experience in different areas such as sweets, canned food, concentrates, among others.

We offer efficient and sustainable technical solutions for the different processes.

Our representation:
Hänsel Processing

Renewable Energy

With important projects carried out in the wind sector, we believe in the future of this sector and we are the right partner for your project.

We hope to present news in this sector soon!

Other Industries

We are present in the plastics, coffee, essential oils and waste recovery industries.

Through our partners – Fitosistema and Biochem – we also present several solutions for agriculture and green spaces.

Our representations:
Systemplast // W. Müller

Technical Assistance

We guarantee technical assistance and local specialized services 24h for our customers and partners.

We differentiate ourselves through services tailored to the needs of our customers.

Turnkey Projects

We create turnkey projects through our experience and strategic partnerships in various sectors of activity.

We integrate innovative solutions and different technologies in order to make your project stronger and more competitive.

Count on us for the realization
of your project!

Agrosistema stands out for its vast knowledge,
technical strength and professionalism.

Show us your project and let yourself be surprised!